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Managerial Accounting 5th edition

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Managerial Accounting 5th edition

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Managerial Accounting 5th edition

ISBN: 1118078764

ISBN-13: 9781118078761

Authors: James Jiambalvo

Details of the book:

Managerial Accounting 5th e was developed based on the notion that a significant piece of the market was not satisfied with the conventional, encyclopedic volume. Across the primary four editions, 5th edition has found its market within that gap. It is helpful for the students who want to pursue accounting and they are not from accounting background, and also for the Instructors who want to use more updated approach in their text (either due to short of student preparation, short course period, or individual preference).Keeping future managers requirement in mind, the fifth edition of Managerial accounting continues to be a more summarizing and affordable. Structure and main two themes are used in this book (incremental study and performance analysis), that helps unite the several topics in managerial accounting.

The book contains the following:

  • This book contains homework, practice, reading assignments and inspire students to know what and how to do and if they did it correct

  • For instructor's :Create puzzles and exams and evaluate your students

  • Multi part problems functionality enables question solving feedback at the part intensity

  • Broad problems and Broadening Your Perspective Problems

  • Abiding Cookie Chronicle

  • Increased part level advice guides students through question solving

  • Weekly groundwork projects featuring questions selected by an experienced mentor

  • Pre and post Lecture Assignments

  • Practice and self test Assignments

  • Managerial Accounting in the Knowledge Age

  • Job-Order Costing for developed and Service Companies

  • Course Costing

  • Cost Volume Profit examination

  • Changeable Costing

  • Cost Allocation and movement Based Costing

  • Use of Cost Information / knowledge in Management Decision Making

  • Pricing Decisions, Analyzing client Profitability, and Activity Based Pricing

  • Capital Budgeting and additional Long Run Decisions

  • Budgetary Planning and Control

  • Standard Costs and Variance Analysis

  • Decentralization and Presentation Evaluation

  • Statement of Cash Flows


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