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Managerial Economics 13th edition - Applications, Strategies and Tactics

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Managerial Economics 13th edition - Applications, Strategies and Tactics

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Managerial Economics 13th edition - Applications, Strategies and Tactics

ISBN: 1285420926

ISBN-13: 9781285420929

Authors: James R McGuigan, R Charles Moyer, Frederick H deB Harris, Frederick HdeB Harris

Publisher: CENGAGE Learning

Details of the book:

'Managerial Economics 13th edition Applications, Strategies and Tactics', is a concise and progressive guide to the subject of managerial economics for both, new students of the subject and laymen who are interested in the topic. The authors provide the perfect combination of time tested theoretical knowledge with real world techniques and implications. Thus, the authors aim to equip the readers with the practical knowhow of the field built on the foundation of solid theoretical knowledge i.e. bridge the gap between book smart and street smart. The well balanced blending of theory from microeconomics with the latest analytical tools from the field of practical managerial economics, not only teach students the fundamentals of the subject, rather it also teaches them to think analytically and critically; this in turns help take effective decisions in the role of managers when they enter the work field. Out of all the so called managerial tactics focused on the text, some of the most important ones are information economics, organizational architecture and game-theoretic tactics.

The 13th edition of the book upholds the same high standards of the previous editions; additionally it has been updated with information about the most recent real world applications and managerial tactics in a manner which covers all the contemporary bases, today's students need to be aware of. Due to this reason the text extensively covers today's most 'in' and actually important topic i.e. environment and its relationship with economics. Thus, "green business" and environmentally compatible products, services and practices are covered optimally within the book.

Overall, the 'Managerial Economics 13th edition Applications, Strategies and Tactics', is a lucidly written, comprehensive text on the subject of managerial economics. Its highlights are its balanced representation of theory and practice and their interrelation in the economic world.

The book contains the following:

The text covers 5 parts made up of 17 chapters

  • PART I: Introduction

    • Basic concepts and targets of firms
  • PART II: Demand and its related issues

  • PART III: Cost & production looking into various aspects like renewable resources etc.

  • PART IV: Decisions regarding prices and outputs

  • PART V: Restraints and regulations

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