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Managerial Economics 8th edition

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Managerial Economics 8th edition

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Managerial Economics 8th edition

ISBN: 0393912779

ISBN-13: 9780393912777

Authors: Allen, W Bruce Allen, Keith Weigelt, Neil A Doherty, Edwin Mansfield

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Details of the book:

Managerial economics, one of the most important topics to be covered by aspiring MBA's, students of economics and executives; this subject requires special attention and careful studies as it has long lasting effects in the professional and sometimes even the personal lives of the students. Keeping this in mind the authors of this book have developed the content to suit the needs of the managers of today and the future. The 8th edition of managerial economics theory, applications, and cases does exactly what it claims to do in its name i.e. provide an extensive encounter of theories and applications of textual knowledge in the field of managerial economics, and this it does with the help of the most updated examples from today's world. The 50 new case studies provided in this book have been handpicked from between the years 2010 and 2012. The traditionally passed on theoretical knowledge backed by the latest real world examples and applications create a book that is tailor made for post-crisis, digital world. It seeks to arm its readers with the necessary tools to take the most effective and successful decisions in the corporate world and steer clear of those mistakes that plague this line of work. To put it briefly, a highly useful and comprehensive guide in the field of managerial economics; Allen, Weigelt, Doherty and Mansfield's is one of the most effective and updated books to be found in the market today.

Topics included in Managerial Economics THEORY, APPLICATIONS, AND CASES are as follows:

  • Introduction to the subject.

  • The market and its nature i.e. problems of demand theory and functions, consumer choice and decisions etc.

  • Theories and issues associated with production and cost concepts

  • Market strategies and structures

  • Oligopoly, monopoly, perfect competition.

  • Pricing, bundling and price discrimination.

  • Oligopoly, game theory strategic decision making and auction.

  • Risk and uncertainty i.e. how to effectively dispose of managerial roles despite the presence of these aspects in the job and market.

  • Incentives and managerial behavior.

  • Action and intervention by the government.

  • Oligopoly, game theory strategic decision making and auction.

Thus, if you are an aspiring student of the management stream or an executive who needs to brush up her basics and gain some contemporary perspective, you will find this book to be extremely useful.


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