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Principles of Accounting 11th edition

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Principles of Accounting 11th edition

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Principles of Accounting 11th edition

ISBN: 1439037744

ISBN-13: 9781439037744

Authors: Belverd E Needles, Marian Powers, Susan V Crosson

Details of the book:

Significant thinking is encouraged in Principles of Accounting 11th e by Authors writing style and illustration provided, all examples are from real world. This text book contains general opinion from Mentors and an understanding of the environment, background, and encouragement of today's pupil. These significant modifications meet the requirements of learners who not only face a corporate world progressively more complex by moral issues, extension, and technology but also have additional demands on their occasion. This textbook helps learners to meet these threats and also to the pupils how industry dealings which are the outcome of business judgment are registered in a way to show their holdings on the financial presentation. This edition starts with historically strong background and continues to link the transaction evaluation to the accounting cycle. Comprehensive and Simple Language is first best part of this edition and second best part is Proven Illustrations: Reliable advent is used for learners which is framed on proper accounting values and mechanical element to guarantee mastery of main accounting logics. Significant Reporting: Section opening Conclusion Points have been improved to enhance the students to the changing financial coverage situation & IFRS. Significant Philosophy Gear: Innovative "Stop and Think" content help learners to expand the decision skill they need in the contemporary corporate world.


  • Material of the textbook helps you to complete the lessons and utilize your time, which includes:

  • Mentor's Manual and Solution Manual

  • Question bank and Lecture Notes

  • Excel Instructions with Solutions

  • Important, Learner study tools and knowledge resources to guarantee constructive learning results, which includes:

  • Collective Study Principle Tutorials: Guidance to the learners at the end of the chapter with audio and computer graphics.

  • Logic Tutorials: Each chapter has the guidance for the students of the difficult concept and explains in detail.

  • Crossword Quiz: Contains all key expressions.

  • Corporate Hot Content module: Important, significant and timely articles to improve your understanding and knowledge.

The book contains the following:

  • Accounting in Accomplishment

  • Recording Procedure

  • Accommodate the Accounting

  • Implementation of the Accounting Set

  • Accounting for Merchandise Operation

  • Classification and Determining Inventories

  • Accounting Knowledge Systems

  • Receivables Accounting

  • Fix Assets, Intangible Assets & Natural Resources

  • Existing Liabilities & Mortgage Accounting

  • Partnership Accounting

  • Business: Association and Transactions related to Capital Stock

  • Business: Dividends, Income Broadcasting and Retained Earning

  • Liabilities : Long -Term

  • Solutions regarding Investments

  • Significance of Cash Flow Statements

  • Financial Statement Examination

  • Basics of Administrative Accounting

  • System and Flow of Job Order Cost

  • Nature and Usage of Process Cost

  • Analysis and Basics of Cost Volume Earnings

  • Basics and Benefits of Budget Planning

  • Uses and Limitations of Budget Control & Accountability Accounting

  • Need and Variances related to Standard Cost & Objective Scorecard

  • Incremental Examination & Capital Budget


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