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Principles of Economics 6th edition

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Principles of Economics 6th edition

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Principles of Economics 6th edition

ISBN: 0538453052

ISBN-13: 9780538453059

Authors: N Gregory Mankiw

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Details of the book:

As stated by the author himself "I have tried to put myself in the position of someone seeing economics for the first time. My goal is to emphasize the material that students should and do find interesting about the study of the economy." this book is one of the most accessible and student friendly texts available in the market. Its accessibility does not mean does not imply any form of juvenility or triviality of content, and thus the book turned out to be a best seller from its very first day in the market. Teachers and course instructors have been known to switch to this book from other traditionally used texts, especially because of the mix of graphical representation and numeric examples integrated with the theoretical portions of the text. The current edition contains the same content as its predecessors, except in a highly updated fashion. All concepts and themes discussed are backed with real world economic manifestations and applications; this helps students' grasp even complicated topics rather quickly, and with minimum supervision. Each of the 23 chapters contains properly illustrative contemporary examples, extensive case studies and application based exercises. Mankiw has also integrated real economic news articles wherever necessary to capture the interest of students.

The text is integrated with Aplia homework system; this allows students and teachers to be in constant touch with each other. Any question a student has regarding any issue while reading the book, any doubt or confusion can be cleared by the instructors online, thus overcoming the problem of out of class time limit. Instructors can further design projects, tests, assignments to test what the students have learned. This makes the learning process far smoother and effective than before.

Some of the major themes covered in the book are:

  • Long standing issues of investment, saving, growth and production. And the downside of every economy like unemployment, inflation etc.

  • Macroeconomic issues of aggregate demand and supply, open economy and issues associated with it, fiscal poly and regulation etc.

  • Issues on financing and the monetary system.

At the end comes an extremely well crafted and extensive ancillary package to further impact the students.


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