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Statistics - 12th edition

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Statistics - 12th edition

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Statistics - 12th edition

EISBN: 032183108X

EISBN-13: 9780321831088

Authors: James T McClave, Terry Sincich

Details of the book:

McClave & Sincich's "Statistics 12th edition" is a mixture of both classic and contemporary and although it is theoretical it can be regarded as an applied one. The book gives a very reliable inclusive introduction to statistics that gives real importance to infer and integrate real data. The development of statistical thinking, its inferences and assessment of credibility are emphasized by the authors. "Statistics 12th edition" focuses on issues that help us to work with statistical data. The summaries of the chapters are study oriented and are quite helpful for the students to prepare themselves for their exams. Throughout the book, technology support, data, and exercises and case studies are been updated.

The book contains the following:

  • Types of data and graphical representation of data

  • Descriptive statistics and five number summary concepts to describe data.

  • Description of bivariate data.

  • The basic concept about probability, finding expectation and variance, and probability distributions both discrete and continuous.

  • Sampling distribution and Central Limit theorem.

  • Large Sample estimation and testing of hypotheses.

  • Small samples and its inferences.

  • ANOVA and design of experiments.

  • Regression and correlation Linear and multiple regression.

  • Categorical Data analysis.

  • Non Parametric Methods.

  • Appendix and Table for further references.

  • In each chapters case study and MINITAB is used so that the students can understand the topics clearly and practically.


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