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Statistics 3rd edition ( The Art and Science of Learning from Data )

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Statistics 3rd edition ( The Art and Science of Learning from Data )

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Statistics 3rd edition ( The Art and Science of Learning from Data )

ISBN: 0321755944

ISBN-13: 9780321755940

Authors: Alan Agresti, Franklin, Christine, Joseph Blitzstein

Details of the book:

The authors of this great and successful introductory book "Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data, Third Edition" have contributed a lot to develop this textbook. Research works along with the experience of the classroom have been used by the authors to obtain such an excellent introductory textbook of statistics. This particular book, "Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data, Third Edition" aids the students to learn about statistics encouraging them to be curious about the subject by asking and answering some interesting statistical questions. The textbook includes the ideas of statistics that have been transformed into a central science in modern life and this book has made this thing easily available and thus is a real benefit for the students. This edition of the book is well known for its flexibility, conciseness and clarity. The book's third edition is particularly developed to help the students to focus on the main and vital statistical concepts of statistics to the students. The data included as examples features human interest topics and topic labels are included to signify the applied statistical topics. There is an inclusion of new learning objectives for each chapter that is observed in the Instructor's Edition and this helps to make plan for lectures. In addition to this the Chapter 7: Sampling Distributions now contains simulations along with the mathematical formulas.

The book contains the following:

  • How data are gathered and explored.

  • Type of data and how data are represented by graphs and numerical summaries.

  • Representation of Bivariate data association, contingency, correlation and regression.

  • Experimental and Observational studies and gathering data.

  • The basic concepts of probability and probability distributions.

  • The concept of sampling distribution.

  • Statistical inferences - Estimation, Confidence interval and testing of hypotheses.

  • How two groups are compared.

  • Analyzing associations between two categorical variables through chi-square test and fisher's exact test.

  • The concept of multiple regression.

  • Comparison of groups: ANOVA one way and two way.

  • Inclusion of nonparametric statistics - The concept of ranking etc.

  • The summary and exercises are included for each chapter.


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