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Statistics 9th edition ( A Tool for Social Research )

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Statistics 9th edition ( A Tool for Social Research )

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Statistics 9th edition ( A Tool for Social Research )

ISBN: 1111186367

ISBN-13: 9781111186364

Authors: Joseph F Healey

Details of the book:

Healey's "STATISTICS: A TOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, Ninth Edition" is a great book containing real life examples, fine exercises, and special features in the chapters that aids all the students, even the ones who are not inclined to math, to perform well in their required statistics course. This book satisfies the needs of the students to know the preliminary knowledge of statistics and thus is reader-friendly. In addition to these, the textbook, "STATISTICS: A TOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, Ninth Edition" is versatile and is a good book for more advanced students of diverse social sciences, that provides a high-quality introduction to the various fundamental concepts of statistics and their practical applications to various current social issues. This edition of the textbook includes both hand calculations and computer computations that help in building ideas about both the traditional formulas and the use of SPSS statistical software package. The complex material in statistics has also been simplified by the author to build strong statistical concepts helping the students to excel as professionals in the field of social science and become statistically literate .Hence students are really benefitted from this book to know about the subject in the field of social sciences.

The book contains the following:

  • Introduction to Statistics.

  • Descriptive statistics and graphical representation of both quantitative and categorical variables.

  • The measures of central tendency and dispersion.

  • Concepts of the normal curve.

  • The theory of sampling and sampling distributions.

  • Inferential methods - Estimation and hypothesis testing of one and two sample cases.

  • The method of ANOVA.

  • The use of Chi-Square test.

  • Different types of levels of measurements or scale types viz. Nominal Level, Ordinal Level, Interval Level and Ratio Level.

  • The basic concepts of Bivariate Tables.

  • Inclusion of multiple and partial correlations and multiple regression.

  • Each chapter contains exercises.


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