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Statistics 9th edition

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Statistics 9th edition

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Statistics 9th edition

ISBN: 0470392223

ISBN-13: 9780470392225

Authors: Witte, Robert S Witte, John S Witte

Details of the book:

"Statistics 9th edition", by the highly experienced authors Witte, Robert S Witte and John S Witte, is a highly accessible book of good quality for the business professionals to learn about statistics. This book is a great help to strengthen the various vital concepts of statistical approaches and methods. This particular edition emphasizes on the basic concepts and methods related to the descriptive and inferential statistical methods and analysis. One special feature of this book is that it helps the reader to build strong concept on the expressions that includes sum of squares and degrees of freedom. Statistics 9th edition explains the importance of variability and all the accessible approaches in the book aids the business professionals to know and learn the important and useful topics of statistics such as the measures of dispersions-Variance and Standard deviation, interpretations of correlation and regression coefficients, the tests of significance and hypotheses, p-values, degrees of freedom, and estimation of effect size.

The book contains the following:

  • Introduction to Statistics and level of measurements.

  • Different types of data and variables.

  • Describing data through different types of graphs, frequency distributions, misleading graphs etc.

  • Descriptive statistics - Measures of Central tendency and Measures of Dispersion.

  • The concept of normal distributions and z scores.

  • The relationships between variables using correlation and regression.

  • The method of regression.

  • Inferential statistics -The concept of samples and populations.

  • The various concept of probability-Addition and multiplication rule.

  • Various sampling distributions.

  • The testing of hypotheses and decision rule.

  • Detailed explanations on some features related to hypothesis testing.

  • The concept of sample size and power.

  • The method of estimation and confidence intervals.

  • The relationship between sample size and confidence interval.

  • One sample test of significance - t Test

  • Test of significance for two independent samples - t Test.

  • Calculation of point estimates, effect size and confidence interval.

  • The t Test for dependent data.

  • Explanation of one and two way ANOVA using examples.

  • Use of effect sizes and multiple comparisons in ANOVA.

  • Method of Chi - square test for categorical data.

  • Tests for the ordinal or ranked data using non parametric methods.

  • Additional chapter to learn about the appropriate methods and tests.

  • For each chapter summary, important terms and review questions are provided.

  • Computer output to problems of the chapters are also been provided.

  • Appendices include math review, answers for questions, tables and glossary.


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