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Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data - 14th edition

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Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data - 14th edition

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Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data - 14th edition

EISBN: 0321831071

EISBN-13: 9780321831071

Authors: Michael Sullivan, Michael Sullivan III

Details of the book:

Statistics: Statistics 4th edition Informed Decisions Using Data by Michael Sullivan is a helping hand to the students to build statistical concept and thus helping them to obtain a sound knowledge about statistics and to make better decisions. "Putting It together" is a feature of the book that helps a lot to the students to know about the relationships among a range of statistical concepts. The exercises provided in the book explain the above feature in an extended form that gives a bigger scenario of statistics Guidelines Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE), recommended by the American Statistical Association are followed in the book. The book highlights use of real data and technology, statistical literacy, active learning and conceptual understanding.

The author teaches introductory statistics in a regular basis and all these has helped him to make an idea of what today's students need for their success in their statistics courses. The book Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data, Fourth Edition is a great help to get a bigger picture of the use of statistics in the real world and make correct decisions. The additional supplements and technological programs aid the students to make their understanding better and apply their knowledge to make decisions.

The new edition of the book is developed to help the students to perform activities as provided in the Student Activity Workbook. The new feature of statistical software is a way to make a clear concept rather than memorizing the statistical formulas. Both by hand solutions and use of technology for various problems are been included for each chapter.

The book contains the following information:

  • Concepts of Data collection, Observational Studies and Experiments, Sample Survey, Design of Experiments.

  • Inclusion of Descriptive statistics-Central tendency, Dispersion, different kinds of graphical representation of data, types of data, summarization of data etc.

  • The relation between two variables through scatter diagram, correlation, linear and non linear regression, contingency table etc.

  • Details of the basic concept of Probability and different kinds of Probability Distributions-Discrete and Continuous.

  • Making inferences from sample to population through estimation and parametric and non-parametric testing, concept of confidence interval, testing of means through and variances, inference on Categorical Data using chi-square.

  • Comparing Three or More Means through ANOVA test, the concept of regression model and multiple regression.

  • Review, test and case study for each chapter are been included for better performance of the students.

  • Appendixes and answers provide additional help.


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