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Survey of Economics 8th edition

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Survey of Economics 8th edition

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Survey of Economics 8th edition

ISBN: 1111989664

ISBN-13: 9781111989668

Authors: Irvin B Tucker

Publisher: CENGAGE Learning

Details of the book:

Irvin B Tucker's Survey of Economics 8th ed. is tailor made to suit the requirements of non-major students taking up an introductory course in the subject. It is one of the best guides into the discipline, especially for the uninitiated. The author makes it a point to enable the readers to learn and acquire knowledge as easily and engagingly as possible. Therefore the text of the book is lucid, comprehensive and appealing to any reader's intellect. The book is a market favourite and well known for its interesting and attention-grabbing presentation of subject matter; not only is it a dependable introductory source on the subject, it also lays great emphasis on the practice of engaging in critical thinking with that which has just been learnt. The simple yet important nature of the text helps create a motivational environment for the learners which often pretentious, jargon ridden books miss out on. The abundance of visual aids further helps this process. There are numerous real world applications of the theories and concepts explained in the text, this helps readers comprehend the fundamental issues, policies, principles in the grander scheme of things. Thus, the book serves the most important purpose of any textual book, helping students transcend the boundaries of textual knowledge and apply their education to worldly affairs i.e. make use of their knowledge. The book helps student understand the intricacies of the economic world on both national and international platforms. The latest updates made to the text keeping with the demands of time, also helps students understand how the effects of key economic factors and issues affect their own lives. For this purpose the book deal with chapters on carbon emissions and is effect on our environment, the 21st century innovation that has sank its roots in almost every corner of the world 'social networking' etc.

All in all the book is an exceptional piece as it covers the fundamental, necessary and basic points along with encouraging critical thought and practical applications.


The topics covered in the book covers issues like scarcity, economic growth, possibilities of production and all related issues, marginal analysis, opportunity costs, all market and demand supply related issue, cost and profit problems, monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic and perfect competition, labour union and its character in various kinds of environment, poverty inequality, macroeconomic issues like aggregate demand and supply, fiscal policies, regulations, deficit, debts, surpluses, profit cost. Topics f money, banking and financial policies and institutions are also covered extensively; so are the issues from international trade and finance. Emergent markets of the third world are discussed too.

Every section of the book comes with the practical application example of the concepts explained.


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