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Urban Economics 8th edition

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Urban Economics 8th edition

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Urban Economics 8th edition

ISBN: 0073511471

ISBN-13: 9780073511474

Authors: O'Sullivan, Arthur O'Sullivan, O& Sullivan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin

Details of the book:

Essentially this book is meant for covering the topics of urban affairs and urban economic issues, of the undergraduate program. However, this text can be utilized by students who have taken up public administration and policy, and urban planning as a part of their graduate program. Urban economics 8th ed. takes on the very important task of helping students realize the intricacies of the rapid urbanization that every part of the world is facing. It is a very practical guide in getting insights into topics like:

  • The reasons behind the formation and development of cities and their spatial formations.

  • The economic scenario of such cities, why these boom or collapse.

  • With rapid urbanization the negative effects of the process that grips society i.e. problems of congestion, shrinking spaces, lack of privacy, poverty and inequality as well as spread of crime.

  • All matters of public policy and decision making involving the said space; this involves a good deal of understanding of urban governing bodies, taxation process etc.

  • Reasons why firms cluster in such are.

  • Issues those are set into motion due to the effects of neighborhood choices.

  • Land use, renting process and policies, amenities like highways, education system etc.

Being quite an effective book in its stream, Urban Economics has seen widespread popularity in domestic and international markets over the last two decades. It strives to enable its readers' understanding of concepts and issues tied to urban economics; it further attempts to evaluate and analyze those public policies taken to address problems affecting the urban space. It helps its readers get a critical view of this subject in all its forms.

* note - Students who have a background in intermediate microeconomics will find it easier to tackle the issues dealt with in this book.


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