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$39.95 a month unlimited* Math, Science (Chemistry, Physics) help - coaching by engineers with graduate degrees.

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Over 12 years TutorTeddy has been offering students online and face-to-face coaching sessions across grades (and college levels) in general math, arithmetic, algebra, statistics, probability, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, linear algebra, functional/real analysis, physics, chemistry, economics, finance, accounting and computer programming.

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At TutorTeddy, we offer online coaching at the most affordable rates. New students can ask for help from our online tutors for 20 minutes absolutely free* (for one time only). Our most popular K-12 math, science coaching service is only $39.95/month.

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We strive to become effective mathematics, statistics, and science educators offering affordable coaching so that our students can be well prepared for college scholarships and STEM related careers. TutorTeddy's goal is to improve 4-years college graduation rate from 53% to 70% by 2025.


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We have 34500+ of happy customers and their testimonies that we are blessed with. Here are some of the recent testimonies from our customers. We never asked for their testimonies, they just sprang like flowers in a spring. For privacy reasons, we are not putting their names, however, most of them will backup their testimony if someone wants to talk to them on a professional level.

College Statistics Homework Help

You guys are AMAZING!!! 100% tutoring accuracy and a 3 hour turnaround on college statistics!! I will be back for sure, as well as spread the word. I see I can get discounts for referrals! You'll hear from me again.


Statistics Homework Help

Lou, this is fantastic. This was in line with what I had determined. I am so glad you have confirmed my own crunching. It is great to have someone look over your shoulder. I am extremely happy with the results and consider the donation amount truly within reason. I will be using you again, I am sure.


Probability Homework Help

I am confirming that I am in receipt of your solution to my coin toss problem. I was not only very impressed with the clarity that you expressed, but with the fast turn-around time and reasonable donation amount required. I never would have been able to figure it out by myself, as whatever limited talents I have apparently lie in areas other than probabilities and statistics. I have shared your webpage on Facebook, and I will recommend your services to anyone I know with similar needs. Once again, thank you very much. Best regards.


College Statistics Homework Help

You guys are AMAZING!!! 100% tutoring accuracy and a 3 hour turnaround on college statistics!! I will be back for sure, as well as spread the word. I see I can get discounts for referrals! You'll hear from me again.


Chemistry Homework Help

I can't say more than " the pure knowledge gaining from capable people " such you ,, it is typical answers in standard time that how supposed to be any other services .. I'm really thankful for you deeply from my heart , I take quick look on answers and I recognized validity most of them and I'll return to grasp others ,I can feel now more confident when I do exam"


Accounting Homework Help

Scored an 80% on the assignment. Not sure where to write the review. Will be sending over questions for Accounting Decision Makers next. Overall, very happy with the last tutor as they gave responses in great detail & explained the questions I was confused on figuring the answer. Will return with no hesitation, very grateful for the service.


Finance Homework Help

I could not be happier! You really saved me this semester. At first I felt bad for having someone helping me.., but it is not like I am incapable of performing the work. I am just so completely tired from all my school work and other obligations. I frankly needed help with this assignment so that I could go onto the next assignment with a fresh mind. You gave me that assistance and I am eternally grateful. You are very much appreciated and I thank you a thousand times over.


Economics Homework Help

Great news! Everything was 100% correct! I am extremely satisfied by the outcome. Thank you and tell the expert that he/she did an awesome job. I would definitely like to continue using the expert for future assignments in the near future. Thank you again!


SPSS Homework Help

P.S. I received an "A" on both assignments. I added information to what I received from your expert. The information provided helps me to better understand the assignment requirements.


SAS Homework Help

i don't know how to thank you, thank you so much for your help.



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